♦ Obligate information for distanced contract. Informations relating to the exercise of the withdrawal right, art. 49, paragraph 4.

♦ The Consumer, as the Consumer Code Legislative Decree n. 206/002 and subsequent amendaments and additions, can withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the day in whic the Consumer or a third part, other than the carrier and designated by the Consumer, acquire phisical possesion of the goods without any penality and without he having to provide not reason.

♦ To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer is required to inform us of his decision to withdraw from this contract with a explicit declaration (for example, a mail, fax, or e-mail) 

♦ Any notice of withdrawal can be sent to the following addresse:

Generalfurnitures c/o Fam sedie s.a.s.

Via Y. Raabin, 118

35040 Casale di Scodosia PD - Italy

Tel. +39 388 351 5592 - Fax 0429 849056 - mail: info@generalfurnitures.com

♦ To comply the withdrawal deadline, for the Consumer is sufficient send the communication concerning the withdrawal right before the withdrawal expiration day or period. The withdrawal right is correctly exsercised if the following conditions will be respected: 

♦ The purchased product must be returned intact and in its enterity perfectly suitablity for its intended use

♦ The product mus be complete in all its element and all its parts, (including esternal and internal original packaging, accessories, any documentation, and provided of relatives labels, identifications tag, codes, etc.)

♦ At the return time the product must be returned as the Consumer received its upon delivered     

♦ The consumer is requested to return the goods or deliver them to our headquarter in Casale di Scodosia without undue delay, in any case within 14 days by the day on wich he communicated his withdraval decision. The deadline is respected if the Consumer send the goods before the expiry of the 14 days term.

♦ The returning costs of the goods will be at the expense of Customer   

♦ For this purpose, we explain: it's possible that the Consumer have just boght and he want return us of goods that for dimension sizes and weight, can be normally be returned by carrier. It's however possible that the sizes and/or the weight of goods that the Consumer want return us are such as to prevent the return method; in this case the cost is estimated to be equal to maximum of about € 300.00 + VAT, provided that the weight are equal or less than 600 kg, and the volume of goods are equal or less than 2 m³ (cubic meters).

For return of goods of grater size or weight and/or for thr return of goods  from Venetian lagoon, smaller island, or particular areas, we suggest that the Consumer contact a carrier in advance, because are for us impossible to estimate the transport cost under such contitions. To avoid damage to the goods and to the original packaging, we recommend to covered with additional protective packaging to preserve the goods and original packaging, to avoid damage that could invalidate the refund; the cost of transport  will be borne to buyer even in the case of our collection of goods.     

♦ The risk of damage of the good is subject to the full responsability of the Consumer until the certification of receiving the intact good on our warehouse; whether as the potential damage are due to transport or in the event that goods are damaged  for others reason than its transport 

♦ We will proceed with the refund whitin 14 days by receipt the goods, unless to have successfully checks the verify relating to deadline terms for withdrawal right exercising, the integrity and suitability of the product and all the listed the conditions of correct exercise of withdrawal right.

♦ All the Customer's payment will be refunded. This refund will be made using the same payment method of Consumer used in the initial transaction; in any case the Consumer  will not have to incur any cost as a consequence of this reimbursement  

♦ In the absence of the essential condition of integrity of good and of the additional conditions described above, the Consumer loses the withdrawal right, and the purchased good will remain in our warwhouse available for collection by the Consumer. Generalfurnitures to advise the Consumer whith a specific communication.  

Personalized products

We remember you that the items made your measure or customized on your specific request (example a cabinet painted with a colour of your choice; a chair upholtered with a fabric of your choice; or any other product with a specific component customized on your request) will be apply the following policies:

♦ If you rethink your purchase and wish to return the item by exercising yout withdrawal right, the seller is generally not obliged to accept the return or offer you an exange

♦ However, if the product received is damaged, defective, or not conform to the description (example, the characteristic of the product or the personalizations are incorrect, such as an error due to an exange of dye or fabric) you can take advantage of the legal guarantee and  advise us of lack, non compliance found in the product.